Setting up irssi for vbirc network

Lately I have received quite a few questions about *nix based irc chat, and we recommend xchat and irssi, etc. In regards to irssi we get the question how to use it to auto connect and focus to a channel on our vbirc network. Here are the instructions.
Please note that my experience is not indepth with irssi, so please feel free to correct me! But this is what I figured out and what worked for me, and how I use it with success.

Of course, download the latest build of irssi from the official web site:

Once unpacked and installed,

- start: From linux console: irssi
- add a network: /network add vbirc
- add a server: /SERVER ADD -auto -network vbirc 6667
- add a channel: /CHANNEL ADD -auto #chat vbirc
- change layout: /window 2
- save layout: /layout save
- save: /save
- test: From linux console: irssi

There, I hope it's simple enough to figure out and configure, and see you soon in #chat on
For help please join us :

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