Improving Gmail Security

In a few of my other blog posts I have already used the example of Gmail and https to improve security. But I feel with the recent improvements Google introduced that it is time to emphasize security and email again.

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Promising Movies = Pants Wet

As a dork, nerd, geek, computer idiot, sci fi, technology lover, etc .. I can’t help but write down a few promising movie titles that should get your pants wet.

From Cloverfield 2, Transformers 2, Iron Man 2, to X-Files 2, The Day The World Stood Still, Star Wars Clone Wars, Terminator 4, Watchman, Star Trek, Max Payne, X-men Origins: Wolverine, War Games and Tron 2 .. there is so much in the making that will be a joy to experience in IMAX.




VOD: Criminal Minds

On a tv forum there was a topic created that new series have been added to the video on demand section. Including Criminal Minds season 01. Awesome! Turns out my ISP offers it, sweet!

criminal minds

I’ve started watching them, and the quality is amazing, the episodes are really nice – despite that I’ve already seen them a while ago. And because it’s video on demand there are no commercials, and I can watch any episode at any time, rewind, pause, etc. Which is very handy and very comfortable.

I have a higher end digital tv package with the provider, so these episodes are free for me, which is even better. Pay a few bucks more a month, and watch a full season of various shows, like Top Gear, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, etc for free. Very nice.

If you have not yet watched Criminal Minds and like CSI, you will probably like Criminal Minds too. I strongly recommend checking it out.

This season has 22 episodes, and I just finished episode 09. I am ending this blog entry because I can’t wait to watch episode 10. Almost halfway through it now,

Meeting Angela

As corny as it might sound, I had a great time meeting this girl I know online. Ok, now that we have that out of the way. Let’s explain the situation a little bit. So since early this year I’ve been a member on the social lifecasting network Justin.TV and last April I got to talk to a caster who’s real name is Angela. Last night she called me saying she’s in Amsterdam. Continue reading Meeting Angela

Revisiting Scrubs

It has been quite a few years that I have been enjoying Scrubs and I am following with anticipation the news if they get an 8th season or not, or if the 7th one is really the last one. Let’s hope for the better. But despite chatting about it on forums I have also received the episodes from s01 to s07.


I am spending an hour a day revisiting the seasons. I am now with season one and closing on on season two. It’s quite good and good for a laugh or two. I totally recommend if you are a fan to do the same and rewatch some episodes once in awhile. It’s worth it.

Scrubs certainly is not a big blockbuster comedy like House M.D. but it is certainly worth the time and there has not been an episode that gave depth to the characters and a good laugh.

I will just assume this is it .. that when we soon get the last episode from season seven that .. that’s it. But I do keep hoping it will be moved to ABC network and get an 8th season.


Yep .. I jumped the bandwagon and bought a copy for my xbox360 last week and played daily. Since I played daily (and I am not a gamer) you can tell that I like the game. I progress very slowly, because I enjoy driving around town and finding out what it can do and not .. more than going on ‘first date’ with Michelle for example. The game looks amazing, very nicely put together, great story, you can do a lot .. so I recommend it.

Installing APC on CentOS 5 Server

Bigger PHP applications, such as vBulletin can gain a lot of increased performance from running a PHP op-code cache/accelerator such as APC.

Here are some instructions on how install APC on various systems, my personal experience is with what appears the most common: 32bit CentOS 5 Server.

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