PageRank Went Down

Today I read on that Google’s PageRank has been updated again. So I bothered to take a look. Let me start by saying that I do care and do not care about page rank. It doesn’t bother me a bit if a site has 1 or 2, or 4 or 6 or 10. But I do like to see my own web sites get a bit of page rank. Inside my head I go ‘yay, others thought it was worth linking to my site’. For me, it was a bit of bad news hehe.

When I started my web site a while ago I didn’t have an intention to do anything with it. I played with some design projects on it, used it as a sandbox and devbox. No biggy. Then I decided that I might as well use it as a blog. After which people started linking to me. The first page rank update bumped it from PR0 to PR4, which was pretty nice to be honest. I expected it to be 1 or 2, but apparently it was doing good enough to get a 4 (for unknown reasons hehe).

After a while I neglected the blog and focussed on a few other things and stopped bothering with the site. I believe it might even have been down for a while. Recently I picked up blogging again when I closed another site where I posted daily blogs, and moved my from a shared hosting to the dedicated server it runs on now.

So .. I was curious if the downtime, the moving, and all that has had an effect. It did.


The page rank now reports back as 2 instead of 4, so it went down. Oh well. A good motivator for me to write more and better blog entries that people like to share with friends and link to on their site. Maybe at the end update it will bump back up to 4 again. We’ll see.

If anybody wishes to link to my blog from their web site, you’re hereby invited to do so. I am sure that will help me get the blog back up to PR4. Feel free to register and post a comment that you’ve done. Or comment if you have a suggestion or general feedback on any of my blog entries.

Using my Mac Software

When dealing with data such as a video file, audio file, text document, spreadsheet and such, I have always been told to use a office solution of some kind. Something that ties things together. So when I moved away from Windows to a Mac solution I have purchased additional software solutions to replace for example Microsoft Office. I’ve also tried out a lot of open source solutions. And while there are great programs out there that do the job, I still felt like I was perhaps missing out on something. Leopard provided the solution.

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I Forgot To Blog Today

Oh my, so sorry. The other day I kind of implied I would make up for slacking, but I had a busy day, went to bed, woke up late, and continued my todo list. I run into the item of writing a blog and realized it’s already nearing midnight. Woops. I still have so much to do that has a higher priority so I am afraid this will be another short blog. Tomorrow is planned to do part 2 of 5 of the re-posting of older blog entries. So I will then make it up with adding old entries again which you might not have read yet.

Secure Browsing Using FireFox

In an earlier blog entry I kind of promised to come back to explaining how I try to be more secure about how I browse using FireFox. So here it is. First of all there are two different ways I do this, one is on my Powerbook (laptop) which I bring with me and therefor has a higher risk being used by others (unauthorized) or worst case scenario: it can get stolen. And my Mac Pro in my computer room which doesn’t get used much by others, and when so, only by those who I trust. Regardless, in both situation, unknown people might try to hack into the system from the outside or steal traffic via sniffing and such. Preventing abuse is impossible, making it harder to do so is possible.

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Using Moodblast

[Update in 2016] It’s been years, and I no longer use or recommend this tool. I thought the blog post was fun enough to keep around though. Maybe consider something like Hootsuite now?

Over the last year or so I have been signing up on one social network after the other, from MySpace (ugh!) to Facebook (woot), from Twitter to Jaiku, from using Adium-X to iChat, etc.

I run them in the background, on the second monitor, or in a different space and had to spend a minute going through all the damn sites to update the status if I just wanted to let my friends and followers know that I am doing this, or just did that, or am having lunch or that I am on my way – whatever.

Now with Moodblast it’s a matter of a few seconds. So .. use this program if you do what I do!

Here’s a video showing it off. As you can see I have multiple programs open, multiple browsers or tabs in a browser. And it just gets frustrating to go through, not to mention that it clutters the screen. I’ve heard about Moodblast and tested it out: And loved it.

I can now have Adium or Skype open (if I know I am going to chat with someone) and no need for anything else. I don’t even use either of them a lot (meaning: not running them 24/7) because I like IRC as IM more. Anyway ..

Now I just have a single program (via an icon in the menubar) that I can click on, enter the msg and press enter, and be done with it.

Such an awesome tool.

[update] Video removed.


Today I just can’t deal with nonsense, so I am staying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t sleep last night due to my shaky eyes, woke up every other hour with an increased headache. Spend the day ignoring a migraine and felt like shit each time I ate something. Life can suck it, I will be back on Saturday.

It really is a downer sometimes. You try your best, but you get demotivated and it screws up your sleeping pattern, your schedule and your mood. Sorry for sharing this with you guys, but life’s just not that easy at times.

Windows Oh Windows Why Are You Such A Pain

Today I’ve tried to work on installing BootCamp 2.0, doing a 32GB partition for Windows XP Pro with SP2. Boy oh boy, that cost me a few hours of nothing but frustration. After a lot of screwing around, a lot of reboots, a lot of forced shutdowns and a lot of swearing towards Microsoft .. it’s finally here. A working version of XP so I can play my old games like Half Life 2 and Counter Strike: Source. And .. I had to write a review which required native Windows (no emulation) for a specific benchmark program. Continue reading Windows Oh Windows Why Are You Such A Pain

Getting Finances In Order

Through the last summer and especially the last few months I’ve had a bit of a rough spot when it comes to my finances. And I won’t go into detail to ensure that I won’t bore anybody with the specifics, but .. now that the holidays are over it’s time to revisit my pile of bills and my small pile of income. Since it’s January 1st today I guess this could be my new resolutions. Getting my financing in order.

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Die Hard And Fireworks

Yes! The HDDVD Box with the four Die Hard movies has arrived. And it’s the 31st of December today, which means that we are enjoying enduring an evening of old classic movies or Christmas movies, and top100-everything lists on TV, speeches and musicals before we start having fun with friends and family, set of fireworks and get drunk. Not me! I got Die Hard *grin*

Today I will be watching not just Die Hard 1, or the new one Die Hard 4, no.. I am going to watch Die Hard 1, 2, 3 and 4. Spread over the day and night. I don’t really feel like going out and having fun, or visit all the family and have dinner somewhere (as nice as that might sound). I just want to be alone for a change and enjoy a good evening of good movies. And still have a drink.

I will go outside around midnight and have a nice evening talking to some neighbors and setting off some fireworks with some of the neighborhood kids, and have a drink or two. But then I will finish the night with slacking on the couch enjoying John shooting up some bad guys.

Here are a few screenshot and some info.

Die Hard 1:

[edit:1] I watched this the night of the 30th when I was drafting this blog entry. In Die Hard (the first one from ’88) John goes to visit his family at Christmas to find himself in an impossible situation. Of course, endurance prevails and John kicks some ass. For a movie that’s about 17 years old it was still enjoyable today. You can find more information here:

Die Hard 2:
[edit:2] In the afternoon of the 30th when I got home and made my dinner I watched Die Hard 2: Die Harder. And just like with number 1, it was just awesome. I just love these type of movies. Bruce Willis really knows his character and really understand what’s cool or not. The movie’s from 1990 and if they would release this movie today, it would be kind of kick ass. Oh wait, Die Hard 4 is out, and it kind of kicked ass. While waiting at the airport for his wife he notices something’s off. He takes a look and without too much trouble, he found trouble. This time his attitude is like, something has to be done, I might as well do it, since this shit keeps happening to me. The two cops he hates in this movie and keeps running into add an extra layer of humor to the movie that keeps it fun to watch too. A good sequal. More info here:

Die Hard 3:
[Also edit 2]: Without hesitation and to fill the evening before it was midnight, I started Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance. Wow, constant action back in 1995. And John has to be revived from his miserable life. They wake him up after a party night with coffee and aspirins. And throw him in the middle of Harlem with the first assignment of the game hanging on his chest. To the rescue comes Samual L Jackson, which is also an awesome actor. And he’s forced to stick around for the rest of the movie. Making a third movie of the same type is always hard, so this one could get a few negative comments from me, but I won’t – because for a third movie it is just as well done as the first two. And would have ended the trilogy just fine. Today I will try to find time to watch Die Hard 4. More info about #3 is here:

Die Hard 4:
[edit:3] Ok, I just finished watching it, and I like it way better then the first time I saw it. Maybe it’s because I saw the Die Hards back to back. Anyway, this Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard is from 2007, over 10 years later then #3, but still feels like another Die Hard movie and enjoyed it well. John has to escort some computer hacker from A to B and gets (of course) in trouble and shot at a lot. He decides to keep the kid alive and just kill everybody. Mission Accomplished (of course). More info here:

Many, many years have passed, and Bruce Willis is still a very cool guy. I am super looking forward watching these movies again. Does he look badass or fucking what!

@[Edits]: I will post this entry now, but edit it after I’ve watched the movies.

About the fireworks mentioned in the title. It was awesome. I had a cool day going at my brother and his wife. It was her birthday and later in the day I went to see my parents. I tried to contact my friends over the phone or send msgs, but they simply didn’t get through. I will try to contact them today (1st of January 2008). Later in the evening I made a fish dinner which turned out great. It was wonderful. Then I watched the Die Hard 2 and 3 movies and watched the fireworks. Went to my neighbors downstairs and congratulated some people and had a few drinks with them. I went back inside and made sure my new kitty wasn’t freaking out, but everything was fine. I then went online to say hello to my online friends. About 30 minutes later Nadine showed up and we took a walk to a friend of hers who lives close to me. And we spend a few hours there. At this time it’s almost morning so we crashed at my place and I just woke up at 11. The fireworks were not as much as previous years as far as I’ve experienced it, but there was enough. It was kind of foggy weather and with the smoke from the fireworks the whole town was lit-up.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Come back later for the 3rd edit of this blog, or for my first blog entry in 2008. And see you soon on my sites and chat channel.