Thinking about the Internet of Things

I love sci fi, I love gadgets, I love tech, I love things that are shiny. I freaking love Apple stuff. And I want it all, now, and that includes hoverboards, flying things, mini micro nano robots and amazing tech that helps me every day.

The iPhone was a good first step about ten years ago. I think since it’s a decade later, I am ready to invest in something else.

Automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, blah blah, it’s all in the making, and so super shitty right now. I need a license still to buy a car and legally drive it. So those things are off the table for me. I can’t see 3D stuff, and with my bad eyes, most assisted reality (they should really just call it that, HEY APPLE, you paying attention? Give me a free maxed out iMac and you can use that term).. anyway, with my bad eyes and no 3D I can not really use those assisted reality things, so that’s sorta off the table.

What’s left are the sci fi feelings and techy gadgets that are here today, and have undergone a few iterations and generations. But I hate them, if I am honest.. the privacy and security issues that come with it require me to just not buy it, and then again their price is just a luxury elitist value. And what you get for it is a replacement for getting up and dialing a knob yourself.

But okay, I love this stuff, I don’t care. I don’t care that it makes me look spoiled and rich, which I am not. Fuck – trust me, my life really isn’t that great; you probably have it better off. BUT ANYWAY, that’s not the point. I feel more ‘nice’ and happy having my sci fi gadgets. It’s why I save up money and get an iPad, an iPhone, and a new computer (like, what, .. every ten years. sigh).

So it’s time for something new, something shiny, something that has a new car smell and I want to brag about and that helps me be more lazy and cozy at the same time, and makes me feel that all this shit I deal with every day is worth it a little bit. Because I say ‘Siri, goodnight’ and it turns off my lights, and changes the heater, and that sorta nonsense.

I feel like I am in this old apartment that’s not worth anything, it’s like a prison that I can’t escape (but I am working on it, I can be patient). So what I would like to do is actually learn about the internet of things, figure out how to say fuck you to the privacy and security stuff that’s the elephant in the room (I have a solution I will share in another blog post) and just shrug. I got 400$ left? I saved it up? Do I need a new iPad? No? Okay, let’s get a Sonor speaker, or a Google Nest thingy, or some Philips Hue lights.

Right? Okay, not too hasty. They are privileged and luxury items. I do not need them. But would it really be so bad to get something you don’t need. WOULD YOU REALLY BE A DICK FOR JUDGING ME FOR HAVING NICE THINGS? Maybe you’re not the person that’s compatible with my life then.

Yeah, I am a bit irritated about the mental struggle of not being comfortable money wise, and deciding what to spend it on. I am 40 now, I feel like I am halfway there, I see everybody around me having health issues and their focus changes on what makes them happy in life. Why wait until I can’t get any of this awesome shit that made me so happy to dream about during my childhood. Why not now?

I am going to break the news to you if you haven’t noticed it yet: I want the sci fi shiny things, but I will put some thought into it. So I get “the apple of shiny things” and not the lame loser fake kickstarter nonsense that seems like a dream but it really is “the microsoft of products” and just doesn’t do what you want it to do. And I know, that means it’s probably a bit more expensive. Therefor I have to save money for it, and think twice, and all that.

I’ve mentioned this before on my blog. Every year I review what is old and how to move forward. HDD slow and old? Screw it, from now on any new system is SSD onwards. USB 2 no longer usable in todays world? Fine, don’t even consider it. Move to usb-c and enjoy these thunderbolt3 speeds. I am all in. Is this retina screen really that much better? Are we in a 4k and 5k world? Great, don’t buy a 200 dollar curved widescreen fake 2k monitor for gaming. Get the quality monitor that is great for everything else.

And this year it’s about thinking and prepping for the future. Before I am 60 or 80 and stuck somewhere unable to even use my phone as a controller or unable to speak and tell my assistant to turn off the heater. Let’s learn what wireless and network connected lights, heaters, fridges, microwaves, security camera, and whatever else is out there, there is. So I can say : I do want this, I do not want that. And then moving forward only consider good quality stuff instead of a normal lightbulb, .. “etc”.


Thanks in advance

This is just a short blog, because my thoughts have been expressed by Boomerang a lot better. But this is why I moved away from Kind regards, or Best, or Thanks, .. when I sign off an email or a more formal correspondence. Boomerang has conducted a study and noticed that Thanks in advance gets a higher response rate of over 65%, and that’s exactly what email should be about. I believe I have posted about this last year. I try to not email that much anymore, but when I do, the purpose of my email is to get a response.

tl;dr Start using ‘thanks in advance’ to sign off on your emails.

Here’s the source;

Additionally, I use auto replacements (like TextExpander) to ssig sign my mails. It auto expands to the sign-off, my name, and a social signature at the bottom. Maybe I will do a screencast later this year demonstrating this. Stay tuned.



Why does everything have to suck so fucking hard – every – single – fucking – day?


Day two, mission review

Hardly any sleep, but that’s okay. I woke up, charged all my devices, and jumped on the bus to an undisclos.. okay, it was somewhere between here and the north of Amsterdam. My backpack, which I specifically do not call a camera-bag, is filled with a macbook pro, ipad air, iphone 6s+, and a simple old point and shoot camera, a couple of small tripods, and wide angle lenses for the iPhone, and a bunch of wires, batteries and a battery pack. And maybe a bottle of water and a sandwich, but that’s not important.

The weather predictions are a bit of sunlight in the morning, and clouds and rain the rest of the day, it wasn’t lying. Just as I arrived and picked one of three spots to set everything up, the clouds went away, the sun broke through and I started my timelapse and did a video recording of something for later this year. Not soon after while I was waiting for the time lapse to complete, I figured out why the point and shoot wasn’t working. Because I am an idiot! I thought I saw the memory card was inside it, but I was wrong. I can’t be used today. Then I set up the iPad to get a different angle, and work on the behind the scenes. All is well, right? Nope, I am a noob at this, now that it mattered, the concentration was too much on getting the shots, versus production. I set up the manual stuff on the video, but I didn’t select the external microphone as a source. I have like 4 meters-away audio, unusable. But ok, that is perhaps something I can do as a voice-over in post. Even on my current iMac perhaps. Yes, I am still waiting for Apple to release a new iMac, but more about that in a near-future blog post (so stay tuned!).

The rain started coming down slowly, so I started to cover up a few things, put everything back in the backpack and finish my sandwich. And by the way, that was the only thing I had since last night at 3 am, when I was prepping for this (well, I was also playing Minecraft maybe). I had crispy chicken bites, and a bit of fries for dinner. And now this sandwich. I had nothing to eat all day. But more about that in a minute.

Anyway, putting it all away, I noticed that the iPad was complaining with a popup, so that couldn’t be good. It was on airplane mode, nothing should come through. Yep, out of storage. The last 4 minutes weren’t recorded. Oh well, writing it off as another mistake for today. I have enough material I think. We’re good.

On the bus I connected the iPhone and iPad to the battery pack to guarantee enough power to transfer the clips and pictures to the project library – a few people might have been staring at me and my little mobile studio laid out over the seats, but I don’t care.

Clips moved over, everything organised. I just have to import it when I get home, and move the backup to the external drive before I do anything. And I could talk geek and tech for hours, but I am sure you are already bored by the details.

So, when can I share something that I shot today? Sigh, probably not anytime soon. The mission has started, and it’s one of many, and I enjoyed doing it, despite a few learning curves. I am new to this. But it was a bit of a test, and only when I am happy with the footage I will share something on Instagram, 500px, etc.

A few things I did learn: concentration on getting the shot, “to be ready”, comes with a price. You forget to think of everything, even if you think you thought of everything. And you can’t control your environment, including the weather. I also wish I had a shooting partner that would have the time to just jump up when I need her or him and spend a few hours getting some shots. Doing this alone requires a lot of compromises, but it’s fun to learn and figure it all out.

Okay, about the food. Sometime this week I will publish a blog about new years resolutions and stuff like that. And you won’t see me run to the gym just because it’s January 1st. I’ve never done that. But I really would not mind if I actively think about what I am eating and drinking. And like every other couple of months… it’s nice to perhaps take this a bit more serious again. Anyway, it was a good sandwich. I wish it came with a steak hehe.

And about that iMac, I need to do screen recordings, and have multiple 4k / 1080p windows open etc, and it all drags down to a couple of frames per second on any device I get my hands on. No matter what people claim and say, windows, mac, it’s all shit when it comes to ‘affordable’. So I was saving up, and a bigger update about that really soon, I promise. But there hasn’t been an update because we were waiting for Apple to release one. And they haven’t.

Todays photoshoot mission: 4 out of 10, because of my little mistakes, inadequate resources, limited time, and no good iMac to do post on. But, it was not a fail, I enjoyed today and I hope to have many more. For now, after about 9 hours, .. it’s time for todays dinner and sigh, laundry.


A lazy Day one.

There it is, woke up in the afternoon. Chilling in bed watching Youtube stuff, while going through my schedule, todo list, emails, and messages. Cat on my belly, which by the way is a perfect iPad stand, and some hot tea on the stand next to the bed. Then suddenly I realised what would be more awesome to a lazy first day of the year: watching movies in bed, on the big screen. Well, it’s bigger than the iPad.

Twenty minutes later I had my sandwich ready, the iMac installed, and cleared my email inbox. A bunch of movies are in the queue, let’s do this. And because it’s a lazy first day of the year, especially knowing how much I have ahead of me the coming months, the movie blog post will come soon. Stay tuned!

For now, I’ve had a bit of activity, a 15 minutes walk, a few healthy drinks, and a sandwich. I put a couple of coins in my daily savings box, and played with kitty for a while, and that’s the extend of my daily activity, well, besides a shower later before crawling back into bed for another movie.

Thumbsup, a good start of the day, and the year. And I haven’t really done much besides chill and enjoy life.

Oh, you want to know what’s on my schedule? Check back tomorrow, it’s about fun, security, offline stuff, road trips, privacy, new hardware, new toys, and new hobbies.


2017, Day Zero

Fireworks explode in the air, sparkles light up the foggy sky. My cat meows from being scared, and the first seconds of 2017 are a reality. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017. Let’s try this one more time.

Happy new year everybody, may you all find happiness, progress daily, be healthy, and move forward – one day at a time.

Okay, the calendar flips over, January 1st, 2017. It’s a reality, My hidden agenda is now live, no escape, no way back. This is it. And during the next 360-something days I will take you along with me on my little journey; You will catch glimpses of what I do that I hope will make me happy.

This is day zero, limbo, the time between midnight and when I go to bed. I press buttons, execute commands, click on icons and move data around. There’s no way back, subscribe, like, leave a comment .. I will be on social networks, private sites, public share sites, and all over the place. Online and offline. But please be patient, I have limited resources, limited time, and my shitty albinism is going to be in the way. And remember, you get a glimpse ~ there might be a full story or adventure behind every picture. Don’t miss out.


Welp, 2016 was a certain year

Getting kicked in the butt at the end of this year with some unfortunate events and weird circumstances, with the flu on top of that, I do sit here quite happy. Looking back to what I wanted to achieve, how to progress daily, how to get control over my life. I can say to myself that compared to 2015, that 2016 has been a certain type of year, and yes, in a good way. It took some sweat and tears, it took a few more tears and some stress. But, my approach to things, my attempts to see the positive in it all, and being able to make a start with a lot of things and follow through with everything the best I could. It all resulted with 2016 being a better – a much better – year than 2014 and 2015. And fuck, did I need that.

Yeah, I sit here feeling negative as well. But the flu will pass, and my father is back from the hospital, and 2017 is around the corner. And sure, no new iMac yet (but more about that in another blog), but I can only assume something will be released at some point. I remember how I felt last year – despite of some positive things – and how I felt this year – regardless of the negative things – and I am happy that in a way it was all worth it. 2016 that is, 2015 can go fuck itself.

When everybody is celebrating the night of the 31st, I will close the door on some unfortunate events, weird circumstances, and a bunch of negativity. My brain, my soul, my heart, they have to be open to new things, new people, and more happiness.

“Floris, this blog post is not making a lot of sense to me”. Yeah, sorry about that. It does to me. Feel free to contact me for a coffee, we can chat.

So, while you all celebrate Christmas with your friends and family, I sit here plotting to take over the world. That’s a good thing right?

Happy Holidays to everybody, and a healthy and stress-free 2017. I am glad 2016 was easier for me, fingers crossed from hereon forward.


Wasting time gaming releases my stress

Quick reminder, stressed is just dessert spelled backwards.

Does wasting time playing games, on-line or off-line for that matter, releases stress? It sure does for me. What about you?

Life is rough, and sometimes you’re simply alone. Jumping on a site to find fun or popular content can result in frustration. Not everybody is the nicests, or it just builds up frustration. Escaping from it all and connecting with people by playing games on the iPad or your computer system can really help. It helps me. I love doing it. Time flies, everybody says hi to you and you achieve something completing levels or a build (like in Minecraft).

Sure, games have their downside as well. But it’s a great alternative at 3 am when you can’t sleep. Playing some #zen games like Monument Valley or The Trails, alone, can help you clear your thoughts (and sure is a lot saver than walking outside at night in some crisp fresh air).

Anyway, that’s just how I experience it.


Time to play MineCraft

Hi everybody, your friend and enemy Floris here. Just letting you know that the server is online right now, and it is on 1.11 ~ and you’re free to join 🙂

To mine: /mine
To spawn: /spawn
To build and play in the wild: /general (survival)
And the old players can play in /legacy (all your builds are there) (creative)

Trying out the server at *any* time and it’s not online? Just poke me! Don’t be shy, it’s super easy for me to start it up again. And yeah, it really really is not going anywhere.

New season, new invite, and eh, it’s a public server, so tell your friends, invite them, play with them, have fun!

How do I get there?
Point your 1.11 version of MineCraft client to IP and click Connect

More information, help, and information on


When the Universe is against you

Is when you feel you’re worthless

blogs goes live

He did it. Just a week before his birthday the 23rd, but my dad is finally on the Internet with his personal website. It is a small little spot on the world wide web where he can share some news about the stuff that keeps him busy while he’s enjoying retirement. From his paintings, to stories, to his books. Go have a looksy 🙂 Sorry English audience, the site is in Dutch.

tl;dr Proud to announce the first version of the personal website of my father. And, proud to announce his book went on sale.

Alongside his website going live, his latest book has been published as well. You can purchase it if you wish to show some love and support. Details, .. well .. on his own website 🙂

Early bird access gave me the opportunity to place an order, and it arrived today. Mini-mailbag time:


macOS System Integration Protection

With the introduction of OS X El Capitan, Apple added SIP (System Integration Protection) as a control mechanism to protect system-wide files and directories from being able to be altered, even by root. This is therefore also referred to as Apple’s rootless solution; and referred to by Apple as a necessary requirement to improve their level of security of their macOS El Capitan and up. It is on by default. But thankfully we can still disable it with a few steps and reboots.

tl;dr System Integration Protection within El Capitan and up is an added layer of security by Apple, and on by default. This blog post gives you the steps to turn it off and on.

If you wish to read up on the details of SIP, check a wiki page, but here’s how you can boot into recovery mode, disable SIP, etc.

Some of us will have legit reasons to require a bit more access to our system files and directories beyond average use. A few examples are: installing the great app Bartender 2, fix the kernel_task’s memory allocation issue, installing the missing package manager HomeBrew, create dual boot to Linux, or as a developer you need access to /System or /usr, stuff like that.

Please note though that I personally strongly recommend to leave SIP on. It helps fight malware infection, and that someone can gain access to your Mac or your files by escalating privilege exploits remotely. So, if you really need to turn it off, know what you are doing, and turn it back on as soon as you’re done.

Step 1. (boot into recovery mode)
Shut down your Mac, then power it back up. To avoid booting normally – and to get it to boot into Recovery Mode – press both the [Command] and [R] key on your keyboard.

Step 2. (disable sip in terminal app)
Now that we have completed booting into Recovery Mode. We have to start the Terminal app and type a command to disable SIP.
From the top menu bar select Utilities, and select Terminal.
Once you have a Terminal window, type the following command:
$ csrutil disable and press the [Enter] key.

Step 3. (reboot to regular mode)
You are halfway there. The next thing to do is restart the Mac and boot back into your regular mode (and not Recovery Mode again).
Once your system is done booting, do your thing. You can now install those apps, complete your development, etc. as you have access to system protected files and folders again. But again, please do the last step and turn SIP back on again.

Step 4. (enable sip again)
Done with what you needed to do? Great, I am glad this blog post was helpful. Please share it on Facebook and/or Twitter. But you aren’t done. You have to shut down your system again. And boot back into Recovery Mode, and open Terminal again. We have to enable SIP again with the following command:
$ csrutil enable and press the [Enter] key.
Yep, now all there is left to do is restart the system and boot back into Regular Mode again.

Quick Summary: Using the csrutil you can disable or enable the SIP, which has to be done in Recovery Mode (cmd+r to get there). Leave it enabled, and only disable it when you really-really need to and know what you’re doing.