Privacy Policy

This is quite simple.

Anything on this site is submitted by me, and any comment posted by you and others are handled by social networks.

For statistics-, and performance reasons a PHP-session might be started, and the web server / hosting account might track sessions, including but not limited to your internet address, referrer, etc.

Any of this date is stored either per session, or temporarily for a longer period of time. And none of it is shared or sold with any third party in any shape or form.

With the exception of social networks, though quite limited and only done so per your own action.

Third party sites are using cookies for the following purpose: the ability for you to share (fair-use) links or comments to content on my site through social networks, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and alike. And for the ability to offer text link advertising.

Any comment you post, or article you share, or login you create with a third party site that creates a cookie on your system, is out of my control. Those are your actions, and you're free to block images, advertisements, cookies and sessions.

You're free to browse my site, you're free to post relevant and on-topic comments, and you're free to disagree with how I run my site (and simply discontinue visiting it).

Content, including submitted comments, that show visible on my site are at my discretion to be accepted, blocked, edited (to move, to delete, to report as spam), or otherwise moderated.

Search engines are welcome, any human visitor is welcome, pending either are not here for malicious means.

On May 26th 2012, the EU Privacy Directive has been enforced in the UK, personally I think it's utter bullshit to inconvenience any visitor on my site with a "forced" checkbox to agree prior to offering full site functionality. We're all capable of making our own decisions and I know my site isn't meant to do anything negative towards anything or anybody, including you who might want to publish a comment on my site or share a link, or perhaps click on an ad-link. While I agree and believe that visitors should be able to find out what happens to their session (as I have done so above), I think since I am not a commercial web site, and that I disagree to ruin a user-experience, I simply will not take any action besides pointing out this law to educate you. If you have any concerns about "cookies" you're free to leave my site, and I think you are smart enough to identify a social network or other third party services presented on this site to investigate yourself prior to using any of them by reading the privacy policy on their respected official URLs, which are Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Visiting my site means you have an expectation of content, performance, and experience. This is possible thanks to modern technologies, that includes things like sessions / cookies / statistical data / advertising options, and your freedom to close the page, accept or decline any site or third party cookies, and all that stuff.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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