A “cheap” Morning Coffee

No, I love coffee. And I enjoy expensive coffee at a local place that has a $5,000+ coffee machine and fresh beans, and all that. I am just a broke guy at home with a water boiler, big mug and some milk. Surely I can make good enough, but cheap, coffee. The “Floris” Coffee.

Excellent for an Autumn day where you wake up late and need to wake up, but want to take it easy. It’s Sunday after all. Cool day, but warm because of the sun. Perfect to make a foamy cappuccino frothy goodness in a mug to take to the balcony and drink it while your cat Sasha lies on your lap enjoy the Sunday Sun Rays.

It’s quite simple.

Get a big enough mug, boil water, put cappuccino powder in the mug, add good quality sugar.

Get a frother and pour a bit of milk in it. Foam it up and put it in the microwave. After 30 seconds it’s that foamy frothy goodness we all like.

Pour the hot water into the mug and stir.

Hold a spoon in front of the frother to pour the milk into the mug. Stir a second.

Drop some of that foamy goodness on top and top it off with some chocolate sugar mix.

And you’re done. Hmm, delicious caffeine.

Don’t get me wrong, a nice strong black coffee sometimes does the trick too, but this is just more relaxing. With the black coffee I tend to just sit down behind the computer and start sipping it while I go through emails. The point here is to wake up, feel relaxed, and be ready for a long day.