VOD: Criminal Minds

On a tv forum there was a topic created that new series have been added to the video on demand section. Including Criminal Minds season 01. Awesome! Turns out my ISP offers it, sweet!

criminal minds

I’ve started watching them, and the quality is amazing, the episodes are really nice – despite that I’ve already seen them a while ago. And because it’s video on demand there are no commercials, and I can watch any episode at any time, rewind, pause, etc. Which is very handy and very comfortable.

I have a higher end digital tv package with the provider, so these episodes are free for me, which is even better. Pay a few bucks more a month, and watch a full season of various shows, like Top Gear, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, etc for free. Very nice.

If you have not yet watched Criminal Minds and like CSI, you will probably like Criminal Minds too. I strongly recommend checking it out.

This season has 22 episodes, and I just finished episode 09. I am ending this blog entry because I can’t wait to watch episode 10. Almost halfway through it now,