Daily Walks

Here’s what I sometimes do and drop and pick back up again months later: Daily walks.

I do not get enough exercise in a day. And that’s for various reasons. But being almost 33 it’s taking a toll so I have to walk on a daily basis to give my body what it needs.

So the last few months I have simply picked it up again and started walking daily – starting with small distances.

I am doing 10 minute walks to get used to it again. Upping that in December to 20 minutes. January will be 45 minutes. And February and up it will be 1 hour.

With an iPod shuffle playing nice music and just simply walking easily around this nice nature filled neighborhood it’s an enjoyable experience. Especially when the days are longer again it’s nice to take a walk at 5am in the morning before there are a lot of cars.

Over time when my body is used to the longer distances and longer times I will start jogging back. And then picking up jogging on the way over and then walk back.

Ideally I will jog every time, but there’s always something that breaks the pattern and I drop the walking again. And then pick it up again.

But I hope this is slowly building endurance and at least helps, at least it’s something; right?

I recommend if you work from home. Or just sit behind a computer every day. That you consider doing this too. It clears the mind. It fights depression. It helps the body be healthy. And gives you energy for other things.