Coffee, Water, Juice, Tea, or Soda?

I have tried various things last year, sorta, to get rid of the habit of buying what I like to call ‘the fast food of drinks’, your standard cans of cola, bottles of soda, dr peppers, etc. This post is about why I picked water, but that I am not giving up on the rest cold turkey.

They are obviously not healthy, but oh so tasty.

But, so much sugar, chemicals, fake flavors, side effects like insulin creating monsters, fats, calories, not so cheap, caffeine, and stuff like that.

Surely there are alternatives, without having to go cold turkey (I simply do not believe in switching from what you like a full 100%).

Nothing beats a nice cool glass bottle of Coca Cola in the 30 degrees Celsius summer afternoons (or a beer). So trust me when I say this: I am NOT going to give up on that.

What I do want to give up is the behavior, the habit of drinking it regularly. As a primary drink. Not that I really do that, but I still do it too much.

I could switch to coffee, and I do drink coffee, and oh boy do I like my good cappuccino with some froth on it, or a black coffee with a splash of whipped cream. Or .. yeah well, you get the idea. The downsides are caffeine and sugar, and all that.

I of course could consider switching to juices, like orange or apple juice, and alike. But I respond with upset stomach once in a while with certain sugars (so it seems) and they just don’t always feel like a refreshing drink.

I really dig the home made orange juice with a splash of lemon and lime though, some added ice cubes in the summer, yum yum. And I certainly do that. But to replace a daily or weekly soda drink with stuff like that, just didn’t quite replace it. It’s like drinking beer and switching to wine. It just doesn’t cut it.

Tea is a certain winner here, it is easy to drink without sugar, and it certainly comes with amazing flavors. Imported Chinese teas are wonderful to blend and try. Tea also goes warm as well as cold during winter and summer days. So it can be relaxing as well as refreshing.

I have certainly switched to trying to drink tea on a weekly basis. Sometimes in the morning. Sometimes in the evening. But at least once or twice a week.

So every sort of alternative to the fast food of drinks has some pros and cons, and that’s ok. I will still have tea weekly, have some juice in the summer or with breakfast. Drink some coffee every so often.

But (see other blog post) I will have tea and water as much as possible, replacing these fast-food styled drinks; hopefully resulting with a healthier body.

What do you drink, enjoy, can’t live without, or will never take a sip from?