Cloud computing experience: DropBox

Dropbox is a cloud solution that actually works. It has helped me so many times improve workflow, collaboration with friends, and help back files up spread over various computers, without the hassle of configuring networking, etc. I do not understand why this is not in every operating system by default! Yes, that’s how much I like it.

It works on all the systems, mac, linux, windows, and it syncs over the lan, at proper lan speed. And it goes into the cloud too. You can have public and private folders, picture folder, and group folders. You can share what you choose and keep private what is private. If dropbox is down, it’s still on your computer. So that’s pretty nifty. And once it gets back online it will just sync. If you open a computer after 5 months, it will just sync up and it’s allll good. I love it.

I strongly recommend looking into it, consider it and then just decide I am right, follow the above link, sign up, download and install it. And start using it. It’s just so easy.

Throw a file in a folder, right click > dropbox > copy link. And then just share that link with a friend. They can see it. They do not need to be a dropbox member or anything.