Summer 2010

It’s been a simple and cool summer so far, but things are changing. We had a week of 25 celcius and up. Yesterday peaking at 35c. Amazing. Despite my bad eyes and my headaches, it’s a summer to enjoy now. July has just started, and I have to say: keep it up.

There is green all around me, everything is in bloom. This looks amazing. And with the sun coming up after 4:30 in the morning it’s a nice walk in the park or some jogging, while listening to music. In this weather and this nature it is also nice to spend some time on the bike and go sight seeing.

The Netherlands has enough old towns around here, with interesting cultural history, monuments, and what not. Going into Amsterdam during the summer is always a blast. There’s always something to do somewhere.

In the evenings it is fun to put the laptop or the iMac on the balcony and do some writing. After of course, I had a nice dinner on the balcony. If only I had good wifi signal downstairs in the park. I would sit there in the shadow.

Let’s hope this summer is long and warm, and stretches all the into early September. Because it did feel like it took a while to get to summer temperatures this year. But we can’t complain.