Cat candy for Sasha

The other year Sasha had suddenly started showing spots on her back, and it was unclear where they came from. She ended up trying to clean it, which irritated her stomach and she started hurling. This created a cycle that ended her up at the vet for a treatment.

Sad picture below:

Over time the problem went away, kinda. It’s been back once, but without her having a real issue with it.
Anyway, I thought it could have been one of a handful of possibilities that she has this issue. One including food.

This meant that I had to narrow it down, exclude potential issues and give it time to see if it would come back or not. And yes, that also meant her ‘cat candies’ got replaced by very incidentally getting a treat, or simply using dry food instead.

For some reason she had no negative response to catnip. (rolleyes)


We’re on the positive side of things and she has improved, and I think I can exclude that the issue might be a certain type of food. So, she’s had more variety again for a while, different wet foods, and since today, a new cat candy she’s never had before.

To celebrate the end of her eh .. diet.

And she went a bit crazy, and after these she went inside, crawled up under a blanket and started purring away like a happy bunny. Wait, do bunnies purr? Anyway, I am happy I can try to spoil her again.