Losing interest in interesting stories sometimes

Sometimes I use popurls.com to get an overview of popular content of a day. I could use Google Reader, Flipboard, etc. And I do, but sometimes I just glance over the various sites to see what’s perhaps interesting that day and has slipped by me. Like today. I noticed HackerNews had the Kodak link and because I noticed it on another site the other day, I was like, “Oh yeah, I wanted to read that”, so I tried. But, kinda lost interest. And I will show you why.

Basically from popurls:

I noticed that it was popular on hackernews:

Which linked to tweaktown:

Where I noticed it linked to techspot where I first saw the article on (but didn’t have time to read):

Which seems to have made a better news article out of the gizmodo to which they linked to:

But of course, we know gizmodo won’t be an original source, so it linked to democratandchronicle:

At this time I got various stirs of the same story, conflicting information, and simply lost interest and just thought to myself: “Hey Kodak, could have avoided bankruptcy by just selling that uranium..” and decided to waste my time writing this blog post.

Sometimes, an interesting story just stops being interesting because these “bloggers” play journalist and probably do the same what I do, go to something like popurls and decide to write a story about it for ad impressions.