I stopped printing

Instead of good intentions of things to do that change, perhaps improve my life, this one is something that I have done. It’s pretty simple: I have completely stopped printing anything. I don’t even own a printer anymore.

Yes, I can imagine a lot of people with a lot of different situations where they are required to have a printer, and I hope they take some time to rethink how they’re printing. But that’s a different discussion really. This is simply put ‘about me’ and how I use paper (or rather, don’t).

My personal experience with printers is not too positive. They are rather mediocre devices that are affordable, with additional costs, or a lot better but more expensive device like a high-end laser printer, etc. Either way, I’ve had tried many, had to use them, and wasted too much money on paper, ink, repairs and simply buying printers when the last one breaks yet again.

I’ve changed my opinion about them. They’re now like those HDMI monster cables, a scam.

But that’s just one argument, spending too much money on crappy printers, overpriced little ink cartridges, name it. The other argument is simply that I like my oxygen too much. No need to cut down a tree for me so I can use paper and introduce more waste into the world.

It’s been years since I had a printer, and it’s about once a year that I need to print something. And when I have to print it’s because I have to print. A hard copy for legal reasons, or the tax papers for archive, or whatever.

If I need to share a document with someone I will provide it in .pdf format.
If I need to keep something for my archive I digitally store it on my systems.
And if I really need to print something, I put it in my dad’s shared dropbox and he prints it for me.

There simply isn’t any reason for me to print anymore, and it’s been almost a decade since I had to print something daily or weekly. And I am quite happy about that and going forward I will do my best to keep it that way.