Upgraded my RAM to 6GB

Yes! I found out I have two open slots on my riser board for 2x 512, 2x 1, 2x 2, 2x 4 or 2x 8 – Well, let’s not get crazy, but .. I left the default 2x 512MB in, and added 2x 1GB later, and 6 months later another 2x 1GB, and the other week I had a person on tweakers.net offer 2x 512MB for cheap. So instead of trippling that money to get 2GB more I put in his 2x 512MB to go from 5 to 6GB. Very nice! </borat> It gives play room to the 64bit OS and helps keep that hard drive swap low. And of course, gives Photoshop and other programs who love RAM some space to enjoy.