Thinking about the iPhone5

As I have surely mentioned before I have skipped a few generations and waited for a good quality screen and great performing smartphone, from Apple. The iPhone4 has been with me for nearly two years now. And while Android phones are catching up. Every time I use them I just get reminded why I didn’t make the mistake and went with Apple. I don’t want to have this much wait, or doubt, before buying the next one. I’ve skipped the 4s, but the 5 seems to be more interesting. That is, if we believe the rumours, and there are a lot.

I stopped going to the mac sites where they have ‘this is the new iPhone’, but it seems that the consensus about the size is worth an investment. As many create an iPhone5 case, protection or other accessories before the product is even officially announced. It’s a booming business for sure.

One company is certain about the screen and created the GlasT SGP Glass Screen Protectors, to just name an example. They say:

“Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the iPhone 5, the SGP Glas Series made from premium real glass with an oleophobic coating and anti-shatter film.”

Here are a few pictures:

If they get it right, I will probably give this protection a try, because real glass, anti shatter .. on the front? Almost required! While not getting that plasticy feel some protection seems to give.

Yeah, I think I might buy the iPhone5, but as always, I will certainly review it prior to purchase. But I wouldn’t mind a faster system, bit bigger screen (which helps my eyes) and features like Siri. I really hope they offer 5Ghz for Wi-fi, but I am afraid that won’t happen.