Technological Singularity

Ha, I got you there, didn’t I? Don’t worry, this will not be a discussion about how technology will eventually be a greater than human super intelligence or my thoughts about that topic. It’s just that I feel I can’t be bigger than myself. I am just myself. And any technology doesn’t supplement me, nor support me, to be anything more than I ever want to be. It’s quite depressing. Especially when I know I don’t put the right amount of effort into anything.

It’s almost 2013, a new year, heck, a new decade. And I am still just myself. Stagnating, in a ‘oh well’ state of mind, action-less, and with an irrational lack of capacity to experience anything I ever dreamed of as a kid. It’s my doing, my own. If only I was nothing more than the reality of a technical singularity, I would have seen this coming, with the urge to take action before I hit the age of 36 coming January, in this new year. I would, in that state of being, probably have known it wouldn’t have mattered either.

Maybe it’s not too late. However, I think I’ve heard people around me say that for the last 15 somewhat years. So, who am I to be an optimist right?

Welcome 2013, fingers crossed right? Let’s aim at being bigger than myself, maybe I will at least take a step forward to achieving some of those childhood dreams. It will be more than I have done in the past.