Network upgrade 2012

Just in time for the end of the wor… eh year, the network upgrade article. Sorry about the delay, but I’ve needed a bit of time to think through what I really wanted, what I really needed.

Unlike previous years (upgrade 2011) I actually decided to downgrade my account with UPC. I’ve had some hick-ups this Summer and they did not introduce a worthy upgrade, at all. Together with the increase of VAT in our country (now 21%, are they kidding me?), I’ve decided to cut corners and just cut the chord.

I unfortunately still require analogue tv to go into my apartment, so that’s a free 17 Euro they get every month. But so be it. But I’ve discontinued my TV account, the digital side of things. And I’ve cancelled my land-line, my phone number is now cancelled and I only have my iPhone / T-Mobile cellular phone number. (So friends/family, stop calling the old number please, I won’t pick up).

Yes, I’ve cut the chord. And despite the horrific distasteful attempts by the music and movie industry to strangle everything outside their USA borders, there’s enough available on-line, and it’s all crap anyway.

I will soon find the time to get rid of the TV and put a chair in it’s spot. Create some much needed room in my living room. And the phone was already dead so I threw that in the trash.

My Internet connection has been downgraded to a merely 60 Mbit, with 6 Mbit up. Which is just fine. My iMac’s ethernet isn’t working properly so the 802.11n won’t give me more than 7 Mbyte/sec anyway.

The plan for 2013 is to optimise what I have now. Such as moving the Mac Pro server into the other room. Or, get rid of both the Mac Pro server and iMac workstation and replace it with a 2013 model laptop or workstation from Apple. And to hope there’s a reasonable upgrade for the Internet, so I can go either cheaper for the same price, or get more mbits for the same price. And to put focus on upgrading the iPhone to a newer model with LTE once T-mobile gets on with it already.

Anyway, I’ve made a few changes as you can see, and unlike other years, it’s actually been a downgrade for once.