The end of the world, again

Let’s just get this out of the way; if you are that ignorant to believe the misconceptions of a few, just because it’s popularised by the media, you deserve to be ignorant, because you really are that stupid. You are. The world won’t end on the 21st of December, 2012.

Just in case you desire to disagree with me, I am writing this on the 20th, and then auto-publishing it a few hours after New Zealand and Australia tightened their butt cheeks; the fact you’re reading this, is the reason I felt quite confident to point it out to you that yes, I truly believe you’re that ignorant, that stupid, and I am sorry for you.

Because even if I am simply wrong, and while I am writing this the world disappears in a puff of smoke, who cares? Right? Right?! Right. You won’t even have a chance to proof me wrong. You can’t even go: “I told you so”, however, I can. Because I am not gullible, and I bothered to not believe the mainstream media and actually read up on the matter and draw my own conclusions.

For the many reasons it won’t happen, there’s not one that can be used to convince me I might remotely be wrong when I say “This is bull, nothing will happen, duh.”

Happy Holidays, and a healthy 2013, it will be there. And if your new years resolution is to try and be less ignorant, I will try to be less blunt to those who are blind to facts that are right in front of them.

But let’s be more positive, it’s the holiday season after all. Focus on how small we are and how the big things sometimes matter, as much as the little things. How a smile to your friend can melt her heart, how seeing Discovery flying over New York can connect people world wide, and how we as humanity care about those in need in other countries who can’t stand up for themselves.

Science, technology, the thrive to progress, the realisation we’re unlikely not alone, that we can put a car on Mars, etc, are all minor steps in a few billion years to come before the Sun will start to expand and swallow us up in about 4 billion years. Yes, the real end of the world will come. We’re a nobody in the Universe we’re in. You and I can barely understand a quantum sta.. never mind, I am derailing.

Go read up on what a few years ago was science fiction, and what great steps we’ve made so far.

And then go read where we are in time, and what we have to do to make sure we remain the dominant species on this Earth. Otherwise it won’t even matter in a few billion years from now.

Mistletoe! *kiss*