Nothing much I can say about 2012, that I have not said before. But I do want to specifically point out that I have a great family and that I am grateful for being able to spend time with both my parents. And I am equally grateful for our family having such close friends that I consider them family as well. I hope they realise how much it means to me that they can help, to the level that they have done in the last few years.

It’s a shame to see my friends and family members deal with their own problems, loss, and to get an unsettling feeling that times are changing for everybody.

I lost an uncle, my friend his mother, both due to illness. My horse and ponies passed away as well. It’s tough.
I think we all feel connected, and I just want to say that I stand still and take a moment to reflect on that.

With the new year ahead of me, I feel I can now close a door by leaving 2012 behind me. And if you read my other blog entry with my new year’s resolutions you should get an idea of what my focus will be on moving forward.