WordPress 4.x Update

Usually each year I publish how I have updated my site. But I have been too busy with other personal stuff that I never blogged about the updates behind the scenes. I haven’t mentioned how I have slowly updated js/css libraries, or tweaked some .php files, or updated the ‘database’ of WordPress that I use to store my data in and use as back-end from version 3.6 to 3.8, and beyond. So let’s do that today.

I’ve managed to get a full site backup, store it offline securely, and clean out a handful of obvious outdated files from the directory. Last month my provider pointed out there were insecure left-over files from WordPress in the directory, so we took care of those with a 3.8.x upgrade. Today I’ve upgraded the WP software to recently released 4.x version and it went without a glitch. Via the admin back-end you click on update, the page reloads asking to do a database update. And done. It couldn’t have been simpler. And I am quite impressed with how smooth the upgrade went.

The front-end of my site is code written by me, as a poor attempt to learn a bit more php/sql again and to update my site from older html3 to html4 code, in preparation for html5. And the css to a more modern version 3. With twitter bootstrap it’s sorta to a point where I am happy with it. But I can’t wait for a 2015 revamp. And I am a little embarrassed that I have not done a revamp in 2014. But then again, why fix something that’s not really broken, right?

For now, things are more up to date than they were in December 2013, and I am getting my site ‘behind the scenes stuff’ ready for 2015. We shall see how it goes.

By MrFloris

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