Christmas 2014

Dear friends, family and my cat,

Merry Christmas to all of you, thank you for being there for me in 2014. I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a Healthy 2015. This year I’ve done some fun things, online and offline, and I hoping to double that the coming years. Life’s not perfect, and sometimes it’s pretty damn hard. But it’s the love from friends and family (and my cat) that turns that around. I am very proud of not just my own personal achievements in 2014, but especially proud of the things my parents, my siblings and my niece have achieved this year (and because that’s all personal, I am not really going to get into that). It is motivation for me to try harder as well and make the effort. Sometimes Christmas is a bit ‘meh’, I rather stay in bed a few extra hours than run downstairs to see if Santa put something below the tree. But this year I was really looking forward to my gift, and I got what I wanted.

See you all in 2015,