2014 recap and 2015 nyr

Closing the door behind me that is 2014, I can move on through the dark days ahead in 2015. Recapping on 2013 and 2014 my attempts to be more social are indeed paying off, but the negativity piles up twice as fast as well. And while I have been able to try harder to save up some money, I ended up with simply have even less. Trying to approach things positively doesn’t seem to pay off with positive karma, it just balances out with more negativity. Grateful and humble, all sorts of stuff I can be about the little achievements and bits of love I get from friends and family, from making an effort to be positive. But to be honest: meh, not sure it’s actually worth it. But, let’s try to not give up right? Consider it a beta test? Consider it all just a path I have to walk to figure out what does and doesn’t work? Okay, fair enough, moving onwards: fuck you universe.

I have no fake intentions, I have no interest in suddenly improving who I am as a person. These points I share here are a grab of a box of thoughts in my head and I wish and hope for nothing but being able to at least check off one of them in about 360-ish days from now.

Okay, a few things that I have wanted to do in the last few years:

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(and how it went: https://mrfloris.com/article/1951/update-on-nyr-2013/)

2014 – https://mrfloris.com/article/1963/new-years-resolutions-2014/

And while I’ve made a great start to write, draw, and be creative each day, it slowly turned into weeks and then months. But I haven’t given up and I still try to do one of them every week or so, with spurs of late nightly hours here and there. The weather in the summer mornings was not enjoyable enough to sit outside on the balcony to write. I feel disappointed about that.

Organising data on my system and picking up on watching tv series and movies again, this worked out great. I’ve made even more progress than I anticipated. Looking forward keeping that up.

My attempts to be active daily on my bike, or by walking, has slowed down, but it’s not gone. I still do it, but the distance is less. I have not lost motivation to do this, it really is the time I am awake isn’t really the time to walk around outside. I can try to sync this up a little better.

What I am also still interested in is to travel somewhere outside of the Netherlands. Plans have been made, thoughts have been shared and it’s a matter of just realising it now.

Another point that has been on my mind the last few years to do was achieved. To spend more time with my father and have a project with him. Just something he and I does. Like a dinner and travel or building something. This feels good.

What I am looking forward to do in 2015 is to not continue with full dedication that what worked, but to focus on the things that failed but I could have done. Improve on something, before I give up completely on them and only focus on what works.

2015 has these priorities for me: finances, health, and my apartment. Yup, not a big list, but these are all time consuming things. I want to have both my feet on the ground before I do anything else.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Oh and by the way, I do appreciate it that you stick around and read up what I share on this blog.