IMDb Top 250 Movies

Yep, I like movies, but doesn’t that mean that in the last 38 years of my life I must have at least seen all of the movies that are rated top 250? Perhaps, let’s go find out. It’s a fun game too, so join me?

tl;dr Enjoying a movie to pass the time or to feel good is one of the things I love to do. I am curious to find out if there are movies that I perhaps should have seen? Checking on IMDb’s top 250 list!

The URL where we can go check:


An easy way to go ahead and find out which movies I still want to watch is to quickly login through Facebook on first.

Once logged-in we can mark movies as seen by clicking the open star right next to the movie in the list.

Then it is a matter of going through the top250 list, which should look something like this:

And when we’re done, it’ a matter of checking the little checkbox on the right: [x] Hide titles I’ve seen, which makes the marked as seen movies to disappear, leaving us with a list of movies that I clearly still have to watch.


Ok, about fifteen minutes later, I am back … It seems the top 250 list is certainly not the top 250 movies I would consider to be really worth top 250 movies. But that’s okay. This is why I did this. Maybe I will find a few gems.

What I am quite surprised about is how certain amazing movies are rated so low, while some really strange and poor story telling movies that were in my opinion not really groundbreaking or anything, all the way near the top with a rating of eight or higher. Surely my taste isn’t that bad, but, majority rules. An example is how ALIEN is rated way lower than Whiplash, seriously, what the fuck, haha.

The column on the right mentions I have seen nearly 75% of the top 250 movies, with over 180 movies of the 250. Excellent. No real surprise there, because that top 250 list has some really terrible movies listed.

Which brings me to the next step. Clicking the checkbox. Leaving me with a list of just over sixty movies I haven’t seen yet. There’s a little bookmarked with a plus sign inside of it. Clicking it will add it to the IMDb Watchlist. Some movies I know about, but really have no desire to ever go see, but there are a couple that I really think I should see, maybe a few of them will be a nice surprise.

Places to watch them are YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or a quick Google search away.