I dare you to switch 100% to Chrome

So, with all the buzz around Chrome, I wonder if anybody really bothers with a full switch?

Does it replace your?
IE 6
IE 7
IE 8
or even: Firefox

Is it just a fun gimmick like running Safari on Windows?
Or does it actually make you want to switch from whatever you’re using to Chrome?

Personally for me it is nothing more but an interesting concept, a technological improvement over current browsers, and a preview of what might be default in all browsers in a year from now.

But I am used to the way my FireFox and Safari does things, I am used to the plugins that I use to be more connected with the social networks. I am used to being subscribed to feeds as I am now.

And Safari and FireFox are compliant enough to run fast enough on all the pages I browse to.

I already switched from IE6 to FireFox. And on the Mac to FireFox and Safari.

Sure, I have Opera and the rest installed, but that’s just because I am a web designer/developer and desire to try different shapes and sizes. I will also have Chrome installed, because I am quite pleased with it.

But I do not wish to switch yet again, do you?