My xbox360 – Part 4

Here I am again. This time with a more positive update.

The last attempt didn’t make any progress, so this time I called xbox live support, and got this nice guy on the phone who explained everything and walked me through it. And to be honest: I did not expect it would be of this quality.

Anyway, I got a box, put the xbox360 in, waited for UPS to pick it up, and to my surprise, they showed up the next day! So good progress this time. Now we wait for it to arrive at Microsoft repair center (which seems to be in Germany). And then we wait for it to come back to me.

Will I get a new box?

Will they be able to repair the issue?

Will it indeed be up to 15 days?

Stay tuned for hopefully the last part .. part 5, where I announce the good news of me getting the box back.