Being Purposely Lazy

*stretches* Monday yet? No? Friday? Fine… Who cares 🙂 The only thing I do today is wake up so I can go take a nap, and decide to be lazy on purpose. The world doesn’t need me, at least not today. I had a busy week, I had the flu this week. I have a busy weekend, today. Is ‘me’ day. And I don’t mean me as in I get to finally do all the things I want to do. No, I mean it as in me isn’t going to do bloody all.

tl;dr Today I don’t care what’s on the agenda, what stress is in my life. What’s next to do. Feet up, phone off, full on ‘me’ day of being purposely lazy. Extra nap time mandatory, the world on ignore, laundry can wait.

lazy is ok

I admit, this isn’t the first time I take a lazy day. It has been a secret hobby of mine. But I think you know exactly what I am talking about though. Sometimes it’s just one of those moments where you don’t just want to skip school, skip work, skip an event. No, it just doesn’t matter. It’s that one time in the year you just really do not want to turn the brain on, do anything but zone out and clear the mind. It’s a true choice to be lazy.

lazy is ok

The cat had to beg me to get up and get fresh water and food. My body had to beg me to go shower, eat, and all that. My mind had to beg me to please watch a little tv and say hi to a friend. But beyond that, and getting up to check the weather, buy some drinks at the local grocery store, and throw the trash out (and trust me, at this point I felt like I’ve already done too much), there really wasn’t anything that I felt responsible for. Laundry can wait until tonight ‘or whatever’, and this blog post can wait until nearly midnight. Charging the iPad for example, who cares if the battery dies. The bills in the mail will surely be there tomorrow. Nah, back to dreamland and wake up halfway through the day. Just in time for my afternoon nap. Which lasted until 11pm.

lazy is ok(click for full panorama)

It really is okay to be lazy, it’s freeing, it actually makes me a little happier. This one I had left over from 2015, so I have one left for 2016. I am thinking during a heatwave in the Summer, snoring away in a hammock after a poor attempt of reading a book?