Is it bloggable?

Our brain does not stop, it just keeps putting one and one together. Ideas happen, thoughts happen, opinions happen, etc. And we have this ridiculous (yes, it’s kind of silly in a way) desire to share what’s going on inside our mind. Whether we pick up the phone, update our status on social networks, or blog.

tl;dr When I have an opinion, thought, guide, or anything else I want to share. Do I tweet the activity or event? Do I discuss something on FaceBook instead? Is it bloggable? What do these social networks mean or do for me? Or my site for that matter. This blog article is that train of thought.


Having my own website, community, blog, and hobbies, I find peace (a little) in sitting down and thinking about what goes on in my mind for a little bit, before deciding what to do with it.

Is it bloggable? Or maybe just fun as a small tweet? Do I want to share it with just close friends and family on FaceBook and discuss it there? Or do I jump on my bike and visit my parents for a chat?

If I think there are people out there that might understand what I write down, or I wish to include pictures, long explanations, etc. It probably is better to blog it. Whereas if I just want to say I am having fun drinking tea with some friends, I will dump it as a tweet to the masses.

Sometimes I visit FaceBook and leave it rather quickly, it’s filled with ‘tweets’ and sometimes I get sucked in on a conversation that I wish was more extended; like a blog.

The reason I like to blog is because it gives me control over the data, I can decide how much to write, or how little. And if I allow comments or not. And if I leave it up or take it down. Unlike with Twitter/FaceBook, who seem to do their best to make it as terrible of an experience to just take something down from say three years ago. But okay. I still prefer to tweet something out. Because it’s quick and short, and the mobile devices make it even easier.

new tweet

I use Twitter to show support for a topic, to retweet something as a todo item or reminder of sorts. Or a quick ‘this is what I am up to’ with events, activities or goals. Or when I see someone asking for help I try to jump in. And I hope if I have a question that I get a swift response as well. On FaceBook people tend to be more serious, an offbeat comment can end in a useless back and forth. And if you’re too serious they just leave the post alone.

new FaceBook

I use FaceBook to have ‘longer tweets’ with people who I know. A little more in-depth and on a personal level discussions about what goes on in my life. There is less distance between me and the audience. So to speak. Plus, it’s where everybody is. Unfortunately. Because FaceBook really is terrible. If I could convince everybody to just part ways with it, I would.

new blog

But blogging on my own site really wins, if I really think about it. It forces me to think through what I am sharing. I feel it helps me improve my writing, maybe even a better thinker. And yes, I enjoy sharing my Dutch thoughts in English with the world. When I sit down and think about what I want to write about. I also get a better perspective of what is more meaningful to me, for others. It shows me what I can leave out of Twitter/FaceBook/blogging, and focus on more fun or important topics. What blogging does over other social sharing is that I hope it inspires others. My guides, suggestions, howto articles, etc. Hopefully they help others improve what they’re doing with their health, or media, or their personal files, etc. And while I can think of many more reasons, I think I will end with that I enjoy that my blog is slowly turning into a personal journal. After nearly ten years it is fun to look back and see how my life was back then versus now.

Yeah, I sit down and take the time to think: “Is this bloggable?”, before I tweet, update my FaceBook status, or dump it as a draft on my site.