There are just a few days where you wake up at a random time of the day (or night) and realize that it is perhaps even more empty than the day before. And you’re not sure how to ‘fix’ that. But it’s ok. Being happy still lets you move forward.

It is quite strange to realize that there are days that you wonder what you are doing with your life. Is this who you want to be? Is this where you want to live? Is this who you want to meet? Is that who you want to talk to? Are these the hobbies you want to have? And if it is like this today, why would it be any different tomorrow?

Sometimes there are just a few days where you wake up and you realize that you feel empty. That is just the way it is. Even if you have a lot to do.

But it’s ok. You can still be happy.

I think I have the flu.

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