Is the Earth flat?

I wanted to type “spoiler: no”, but I will write down: Reality check: NO (ffs).

Every once so often I think we humans want to believe in something that’s bigger than us, something we don’t understand, .. maybe it’s just something to talk about. But, it’s 2016. It’s not like we do not have the science to actually go into space and turn around and go ‘oh look, it’s not flat’. It’s utter ignorance, or just link-bait or drama-attention-whoring. Sorry, I just find it utterly ridiculous that for some reason it’s trending that the Earth is actually flat. Where is this nonsense coming from? Are you that daft?

From crazy zombie attacks to the LHC creating blackholes, okay. Maybe some just don’t understand how certain complex something is. I’ve already touched this topic before btw.

But common, are we really that dumb that could believe the Earth is flat? It shouldn’t even be trending, it really is just.. sad.