Siri shortcuts

There is nothing wrong with putting your phone away, put it on silent, mute, don’t disturb, whatever. Check it later when you have some proper downtime. But, to help you streamline everything while you’re on the go is handy. A quick verbal command towards Siri (Hey Siri) is really handy. A quick tweet, a quick message to a friend, or a reply. It works quite well.

What some don’t know, and that’s what this blog is about, is that you can give Siri some commands to quickly toggle off or back on again some settings. Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Airplane mode, etc. Here are a few, give them a try by just prefixing it with ‘turn on’ (or off).

Example: Hey Siri, .. turn on low power mode.

Super handy when you’re on a run, on a bike, in a car, etc. And you know you’re not going to use the phone constantly, it helps save a bit of extra power.

A gripe I have with Siri is that loads of the things that seem so obvious are not supported, I really wish I could just tell her to turn on my VPN.

By the way, to turn on Siri go to the Settings app, and go through General > Siri, make sure ‘Hey Siri’ is turned On as well. And for a full list of Siri commands, not just shortcuts, you can go to the Apple page here.