A pile of papers

The wind is howling outside, the candles in my apartment flicker, my cat plays in the corner, but I am staring at a pile of papers. Motivated to archive it all, but unmotivated to figure it all out, I just stare at it.

tl;dr I found a pile of papers, important stuff. Letters from the insurance company, my bank, stuff like that. It’s been accumulating in the last year or so. There’s not much to blog about today, because I have to get started on this pile.

pile of papers
It’s my own fault, I am terrible with administration but at least it’s all in one pile. Sigh, never mind. I just spotted more on the kitchen table. Let’s start with this pile first though, I have to get started somewhere right?

The mail would arrive. I check and read it. I try to directly deal with a bill or whatever. But the letter ends up on top of the others. Instead of going to my closet and getting the map, filing it chronologically. “Hey Siri?” *ding sound* “Make a note please, that I have to do better – sigh” *confirmation sound*. Yeah, I just added that ironically, like I don’t know a better administration starts with myself.

pile of papers
One of the rooms in my apartment has a closet, and a row of maps. And the first thing I will do is get the letters and just put them in their respected map. Sorting them, or double checking each letter, .. a worry for yet another day.

Sorry, that’s all for today, I better get started.