My mission for today is to re-write some code that powers my website to support an upcoming section. Step one was to prepare for this page, and step two was to make it work. That’s where I am now. I’ve pasted in some draft text to get started, and see where it would break or requires improvement.

tl;dr Project of the day is to prepare my site to support, a collection of writing, coding, and life choices, preferences, etc.

styleguides beta
My lack of sleep has kept my brain thinking about a lot of little things that I want to do. I couldn’t fall asleep without making a start. You can find the progress here:

It’s not much as of now, but the site is ready for me to live-edit the page when needed, keep revisions, and with the upcoming March site changes it will also look a lot better when it’s displaying code. Perhaps check back in a couple of months. Anyway, it’s up and running, and it works. Now to find my bookmarks, resources, notes, and snippets and share them in an orderly fashion on that page.

Okay, time to fall asleep now, I am tired after an hour of coding and testing. Enjoy the sneakpeak of this beta page.