Did you miss my daily blogs?

Short and simple, it’s March and I am able to pick up blogging daily again. I promise.

A couple of weeks ago my bad eyes turned worse. My albinism gave me some trouble and resulted in being overly sensitive to lights and sounds. Good news though, that’s behind me now. So it’s March 1st, and this is the first blog to let you know that I will continue blogging daily. It is something I really enjoy. More about this in further detail tomorrow.

After tomorrow I will have more blog posts planned that isn’t about me complaining about my headaches. March is about the new Apple hardware and software, updates to my tech stuff. There’s perhaps a Mail bag post coming, updates to the old blogs, and the site requires some maintenance. There’s an interview in the works. I am working on a little movie about March Game-day. All in all, enough to talk about. Oh, I have some Minecraft videos and posts in the works that might interest some people. I should also not forget that whatever was on the agenda for February has not become obsolete, we merely moved these plans to March and April – Including ‘Food Club’ and ‘Movie Night’.

So please! Stay tuned, don’t give up and check daily again to see what’s new in my life, what I am doing and to find out what my opinions about certain topics are.