Minecraft mcMMO Woodcutting trick

Earlier this year I was building on my Minecraft server (1moreblock.com) and doing some terraforming. A bunch of mushrooms were in the way, and I thought: “I have mcMMO, I can use treefeller to try and get rid of them, right?” And so I did. To my surprise it took out the whole bunch in one go. “Holy cow” was my response. And my brain started turning: “what if…”.

tl;dr This blog post is about a little trick using red mushrooms in Minecraft to quickly get your mcMMO woodcutting skill up. If you’re low in the levels, you will be high fast. If you’re already high, this gets you ranked #1 quicker than ever.

The reason I did not post this earlier was that it took me a few days to build and test out the limits of the setup on my own server as well as the Noobstown survival server. I was already ranked #1, so I gained nothing from this than a further distance between me and rank #2. The test during normal xp and double xp was successful, and so we reported it to the staff and gave them time to nerf this before sharing it with our friends. Hey friends! Thanks for reading my blog by the way.

This setup is not ideal, but it works, it was somewhat easy to make and it should work on any survival setup where there’s mcMMO that doesn’t have shrooms grinding like this nerfed yet. This was tested on only 1.8.0 -> 1.8.9.

In short, the setup: Anything that you can plant red mushroom on. Enough width that the grown mushrooms of a row of 7 has 1 airblock between them. The column long is as long as your one single treefeller allows. The distance between the mushrooms there should be more than an airblock to prevent them to ‘bunch’ together. I strongly recommend dispensers to auto grow the mushrooms. The bottom block does not break when it’s been grown with a dispenser.

The video is taken on Nooobstown, after I hit 2100+ in /woodcutting. The max was 7 wide, and 40+ long, doing 300+ shrooms in one treefeller using 3 to 5 axes with Unbreaking III on them. Note by the way that shrooms break super easy, so you do not need to get any other enchants on your axe such as efficiency. If you really want to grind /repair as well you can fill the hotbar with axes without any enchants and switch fast.

The testing, and a grind with one of their moderators and demonstrating it to the staff and admins alone already got me 500 levels, pushing me from 2100 to 2600. Normally I’d go up 2 or 3 levels per treefeller, with this method I am going up 10 during normal xp and up to 20 during events and /party grinds.

Imagine this.. optimised placement, in a party of 5+ people, multiple setups within party range of 75 blocks, and starting tree feller all at the same time. And then repairing your unenchanted diamond axes together as well. Sounds like a fun OP-/party-grind to me.

To anybody who is interested to try this, feel free to build this on servers, but please do check with the staff first if they have any issue with this. On 1moreblock.com we don’t nerf it, enjoy testing if you desire.