Caught up on most podcasts

“Your iPad almost is out of storage, how the hell did you do that!” or whatever the message said that came on the screen. Gulp, have I already used up the 64 gigs of space on my iPad Air 2? What’s wrong with me!

tl;dr Today I share with you the ugly truth about the dark sides of podcasts. Just kidding, these wonderfully produced shows which are free are eating up space pretty fast, let’s talk about that.

When Adam Curry (the father of podcasting if you ask me) showed us that there’s a way to distribute our own content without the need of silly contracts and we could reach an audience greater than our small group of friends, I was sold. Personally, I am terrible at creating podcasts, but I love listening to them. Back then, a couple of megs per mp3 file or 20 megs for some short video of poor quality was worth it. It was free afteral, and the content was compelling enough to keep watching.

Later on during the web 2.0 era and tech bubbles popping left and right, we were slowly moving towards broadband Internet. Tech sites like and slashdot became popular. Kevin Rose with Diggnation and Revision3 alongside Leo Laporte with … It all meant daily content, at least weekly. And fun topics, tech topics, interesting topics. My insomnia was almost fixed, and surely commuting became more fun.

I’ve talked about podcasts before. But the focus of that blog post was about the apps, this post is about me consuming the media. Because well, simply put, my iOS devices were running out of space.

Watching movies and tv through Netflix, Plex, etc. It has taken a toll on podcasting. Less and less video podcasts were being watched. And the content is in pretty full HD, multiple gigs per file. Yep, no longer 20 megs for a handful of minutes. No, couple of hours of content in tv-like quality.

One of the things I wanted to do today is focus on building stuff in Minecraft, while watching my podcasts. And well, this week I have been trying to just that, but today I put in some extra time to catch up with Security Now, Twit, and MacBreak Weekly. *thumbsup* Success, I did it. I learned a lot, and I still recommend these podcasts to other techies and mac users.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t stop watching podcasts, but the last few weeks it has gone down to just the No Agenda podcast and Still Untitled. But they are small in filesize, as they’re audio only. Anyway, I have 50% space free on my iPhone and iPad again, and I really enjoyed watching podcasts again.