Mail Bag! Computer says NO

Okay, so I got home and had a surprise parcel in my mailbox. But I had to go. On my way back I had a mango milkshake and I thought to myself: Mail Bag Time!

tl;dr It happens that I get an Amazon packages, or a gift from a friend in the mail, or someone decided to surprise me with a package and it’s a mystery-unboxing. Let’s unwrap these parcels together. Stay tuned! Mailbag! time

I thought it would be fun to make a blog entry where I go check what’s in the mailbag and share it with you guys. If you want your package or product to be featured on my blog, feel free to contact me.

Before I jump into the video. Thank you so much for sending me something for MBT *thumbsup*

Every tech guy of the family needs a shirt like this.