iPad sizes

Yesterday I talked about the Apple Keynote where they introduced new iPhones, iPads, and gave us the update to the iOS 9.3 release for old and new devices. The focus was on the iPhone, but I also have something to say about the iPads. Thanks for reading along with my thoughts about it.

tl;dr The almost perfect iPad setup. But the ultimate PC replacement? Nah!

While watching the Keynote they told us there are still millions of PC users out there with systems over 5 years old, and how terrible that is. And that the iPad is their ultimate replacement. So upgrade now! Great attempt at marketing to those left over PC users who are (they were right about that..) ripe for an upgrade. But I can not say it’s the ultimate replacement. It’s still a bit of a pain to handle files, move between devices, add a 27″ 4K monitor, certain external devices. Import massive amounts of video or fotos. Nor is it really easy to rip your music and other media and deal with external and offsite backup solutions. But sure, if they generalise that people with 5 year old systems only use Notepad and browse Facebook, sure.. I guess. Not that I don’t agree that it is a great alternative to a PC, especially older ones who don’t need to run state of the art games on 1200 GPU cards, etc. My mom for example loves the iPad, can’t put away. While the laptop was being ignored for months. Fullscreen apps, simple interface, there’s some magic to it.

Ok, enough about that part, let’s jump right into the reason why I really wanted to talk about the sizes that the iPads have to offer now. And why it isn’t perfect just yet. Like I mentioned yesterday, we now have 1 phone, 3 sizes. And in two designs. Industrial design, 6s hardware, as the iPhone SE, the 6s itself, and the Plus size one. Comparable to the iPad mini, iPad (Air) and iPad Pro. But yes, the hardware didn’t add up. The Air hasn’t had an update in a while. And the Air 3 hasn’t been introduced. So I really, really like it that Apple announced a new family member to fix that gap with the iPad Air Pr.. no wait, the iPad Pro -mini, no wait.. Okay, just iPad Pro or specifically, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Sort of confusing, isn’t it. We have an iPhone SE, but the iPad Mini did not get the Pro hardware. So that doesn’t really add up. Not really perfect yet. The iPad Pro that is the size of the Air, but it’s not the Air Pro or something. Maybe a little confusing, does this mean we are still going to get an Air 3, or will we now finally see them going back to just calling it the iPad? No. they are calling it the Pro! Not, really, perfect, just yet. The Pro is the big version, that 12 incher one. But it’s not called the Plus, like the iPhone Plus, but then again, the iPhone Plus isn’t called the iPhone Pro either. Is this Pro perhaps a sign we will see an iPhone Pro in the future? But, why not just call the iPad, … wait for it: The ‘iPad’, and have it in three sizes? Why not call the iPhone SE another 6? Why do we have all these confusing names!

We have an Apple TV, Apple Watch, and then iThis and iThat.. Things are not really catching up to eachother. I understand market value in having a brand like iPhone stick to its recognisable name iPhone, instead of calling it the Apple Phone. Even if I personally wouldn’t object to that. (apple) TV, Watch, Phone, Tablet, etc. Consistency is just as powerful to me. Maybe I rather see it being called iTV, iWatch, etc. But whatever. As long as they are consistent. Which they are not.

iPhone should be 1 hardware line, 3 flavors, either a different color or different size for preference.
iPad should be 1 hardware line, 3 flavors, either a different color or different size for preference.

That they might introduce a Pro version that’s more expensive and for those who need it, or know what they’re buying, fine.. Make it an build to order thing like ‘Go Pro..’ or just a 4th flavor.

iPhone A9 hardware, mini, normal, plus. And optionally a plus with pro features?
iPad A9 hardware, mini, normal, plus, And optionally a plus with pro features?

It would be easier for people to understand. “okay, so they are all equally fast, it is just the size and color that I like that I have to choose between? Oh, and storage, okay, well.. I want a big view finder for picture taking, and need storage for all these pictures. Plus for me!” Right now the iPad mini is the pre-Air hardware line if you ask me, and there’s no Pro-mini, or current iPad mini really. But that is weird, because they make a fuss about people wanting smaller, with the same hardware. Well, then upgrade your iPad mini as well!

It seemed like the perfect time to say “We are so happy with the pro and its performance, and people love it! We are going to make that our default iPad, and it will be in three sizes, the pen works on them, and yes, here’s some force or 3d-touch. And we’re doing the same without 6s phone. In mini, normal and plus size. Oh, and that pencil from the iPad works on all of these devices, it recognises which one it’s using it, because that’s the Apple way”. But nah, they did not, instead, it’s a bit confusing. I have no idea how to explain their current line to my parents if they’d be interested in an upgrade.

Apple should be known for being consistent, but they are not. They introduce a new Pro normal size iPad, with rose gold and then they do not update their existing line with this color. The big one doesn’t have it. On the other hand, they introduce 256 GB storage. But not for the iPhone, which is running out of space a lot faster in my experience.

It really surprised me that they call it the Pro, their big one, and introduce a smaller one that has live photo support, the 12MP camera, etc. But their 13″ expensive big Pro does not get this update. And maybe .. makes it old-fashioned Pro? I don’t understand that they don’t just offer the same iPad big-Pro with these same hardware and call it the Late March 2016 release. Like they do with the iMacs etc. Again, this is why it’s just not perfect.

Let the competition confuse you with the specs and tell you what you need. Let Apple just be that company that gives you the best they can when you walk into their stores. “Hi, I am here to buy the best and biggest iPad for photo taking, I love the big screen” – “Okay, here’s a smaller one with a better camera, and live photos works, sorry if you want to spend 500 dollar more on the big one, but it’s now out of date, the only thing that is better is 700 more pixels wide”. Yeah, this is weird to me. That’s my gripe with yesterdays Keynote.

They introduce the big pro iPad with 4K editing, but no 4K support. Then let everybody buy it, and a few months later they introduce a smaller pro iPad with 4K recording support. But less pixels on the screen (2000+ instead of its bigger brother at 2700+ retina). Just bump the big pro iPad.

So, which one to buy? Wait for the iPad Air 3? No, the Pro sounds like it’s the same, but better – already.
The iPad Mini? Noooo, that’s now several generations behind if you ask me, they need a mini pro – ugh.
The iPad big Pro? No? Yes? I can’t tell, if you want a shitty front-facing cam for Facetime, go ahead. The smaller and newer one has 5Mpixel vers 1.2Mpixels. The bigger screen is great for drawing, so eh.. Wait until the big pro iPad gets that Pro update it deserves?
The iPad normal Pro? Yes, it’s the latest and greatest hardware, just a smaller screen. If you want to take great pictures this is the iPad to get right now.

It’s very strange that there’s not just an ‘iPad’ that comes with the same hardware in normal size, with the option to pick a color, and a different size, mini and plus. And then optionally some bigger storage.

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is an amazing device, great resolution, quality of screen and performance, the Pencil works, and it comes with the option for 256GB storage and cellular. It really is a great laptop replacement. I am okay that I did not wait and gambled there wouldn’t be an iPad Air 3 this year. I am happy with the iPad Air 2, it is so fast, great screen, and I love using it. Sure, I wouldn’t mind the Pro of the same size, because of the better camera on it. But, that’s about it. The package I want from the Pro is just too expensive for what I wanted to spend on an iPad, and this way I had a new iPad for the summer of 2015, and something to watch TV in bed on during the cold winter days earlier this year. And it won’t be replaced for quite some time. And hopefully by then this ‘Pro’ stuff is just the default, and everything is a bit more organised.

Details! http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/specs/