Game day: March

Today is about gaming. I woke up, played some Hay Day. Had lunch with a friend and played some Minecraft together. Went to my parents for dinner and stayed to play another family tournament of Rummikub, yep.. today it is game day! And since it’s March the theme is Easter.

tl;dr Once a month I am taking some time to myself to ignore the stress of life, the regular social life, family, and the bills in the mail. I am chatting to other people, doing other things, and enjoying virtual worlds and different storylines. This blog is about March’s game day.

My niece Emily, my mom, and I, we cleared the table. I was responsible for the prizes. Emily had set up the game and we’re good to go.

Three delicious chocolate eggs per round, the winner gets to keep what they win. Surely we would all get a few, but nope.. Emily won three times in a row. And while we gave her the stink eye she was glowing.

Rummikub is a game of tiles, you have to create a group or combination of numbers that are valid. It’s a bit between Mohjang and Rummy I guess. You get a rack to put your 13 tiles on. You place them on the table, you can add or remove from other groups. And when you have cleared your rack you’ve won that round.

Emily took three eggs, .. and three eggs again. And yep .. the last three. A sad day for my mom and I, but revenge will be ours (one day).

Congratulations Emily, and thank you mom and Em for allowing me to film for my game day blog post.

Oh by the way, the background track is Emily on guitar (nice job!)