April Fools’ Day

For me personally, today marks the Spring season. It closes the door to the first few months of the year, the first season. I have been working hard to make this year a lot easier and better for me than 2015. So it’s important for me that I go to this point and feeling like I’ve achieved what I was aiming for. And I did. For the most part.

It’s a bit of a weird day, because I had a bit of a bad event happen once on April 1st, unrelated to April Fools’ – but still. It’s history as well, so I am trying to turn it around by making it about closing the months behind me and looking forward to better weather, fun projects and doing great things.

I also have no interest in it being April Fools’, YouTube is already filled with ‘It is just a prank bro’ bullshit, and they are terrible. I hate people that just cause harm (physically or emotionally) to others who they trick to be in that position, and think it’s okay to just shout that it’s a prank and hope there are no legal consequences to the crap they pull on their victims. It kinda ruins that one day where innocent / practical jokes could actually be funny. So for me, it has lost its value.

Anyway, my goal now is April, May, June, and have a great Summer. I am quite happy that the first few months of the year have gone better than I hoped for. The ups were up, and the downs weren’t too down and easy to come back up from. I hope the weather is going to make it fun to sit on the balcony early in the morning; I’d love to do some writing while watching the day turn into a beautiful Spring day. I also can’t wait to make some great pictures and time lapses.