Working towards serendipity

Nothing’s left to chance, nothing. Karma is in your face, right there, each time. And luck is what you make it. Blah blah. Life sucks, as amazing as it is. Things don’t just happen. We make it happen. Ironically perhaps, we’re working towards our serendipity. But .. shouldn’t we?

tl;dr We should.

Negativity is there when we let it, and when we are negative it takes over everything. Something that feels bad, feels like the end of the world. And it feels it’s just chance when things go well. As if we had to work on it. Like, if we aren’t making the effort it will result in negativity by default. Maybe, but I don’t really think so.

It’s a matter of knowing the difference between what’s the right thing to do, and if we allow negativity to crawl in, or allow us to be happy and enjoy the little things. I mean, I think I do not have to work hard just to be allowed to be happy. I think I can enjoy the little things that go well, as a consequence of doing the right things. And allow myself to be happy because of it. Which prevents me from feeling negative over the stuff that seemed to just be negative.

Making an effort towards being positive, is not the same as working hard to only do positive things. And I think sometimes it’s easy to think that the same applies to negative things. Sometimes it seems we’re making an effort at being negative, while in fact we’re working hard towards doing negative things. I hope I am making any sense. Sorry if I am not.

In the past, but especially this year perhaps, I am trying hard to work towards getting rid of the negative stuff. While making an effort towards being positive. Which is a bit of a different attitude. Last year I made an effort making negative stuff go away, while working hard towards being positive.

Well, sorry for a little bit of a weird blog post, but I had to get this out of my system. So here it is. Thank you for trying to read it anyway.