Network Upgrade 2016

A quick update on the network at home. Ziggo indeed upgrade their 120mbit accounts to 150mbit, and just the other day announced their 200mbit accounts to be upgraded to 300mbit (for three bucks more). In the meantime I’ve taken them up on this offer and just finished installing their new modem (Connect Box), and the Netgear Nighthawk behind it which I already had, adapted to the new hardware just fine. Installation was super easy. Thumbsup.

T-Mobile announced 225Mbit/s 4G+ Network upgrade on both their 900MHz- and 1800MHz-bands in January, and I’ve got that as well right now. The 225Mbit is just a number, I’ve yet to hit anything over 150Mbit (which was my peak so far). But the normal 4G is usually over 100Mbit each time I do a speed test. And yeah, I am glad I upgraded to the 12GB data (from 6). Because I seriously need it.

It’s nice to see the Nighthawk being worth the upgrade, the bedroom (worst corner in the house) is now hitting 275Mbit on the iPad and iPhone when I use it there. Perfect!

I can’t wait for my new iMac with full ac support to make the most of the network connectivity / performance.

Earlier this year I posted in more details my thoughts and experiences on the current network. Feel free to read it too.

[Update: June 6th, 2016] T-Mobile announced a free upgrade from 12GB to 20GB data – received it today, woot woot.