Email Tim Cook

Dear Mr Cook,

It was a pleasure to watch the live keynotes, both earlier this year and yesterday. I always am filled with such anticipation to see what new products, software and services will be unveiled. The revelations regarding new technology and new company partnerships have shown how Apple has kept technology exciting, even after nearly 40 years.

Steve Jobs explains;

To keep this excitement, Apple is known to push the limits — to take courageous steps forward and try unheard of things. To take the magic of yesterday and make it a reality today. To let us live life by accomplishing things more convenient and stress free. But today the proposed changes I heard about would not help me live a more convenient life.

I am contacting you because I am concerned with the iPhone 7’s direction.

Apple has been my go to source for hardware, software, and entertainment for decades. I appreciate that Apple has made it more convenient for me, somebody with poor eyesight due to albinism, to live my life on my own, worry free — something that was not possible for me twenty years ago.

Being offered a product ‘that is truly wireless’ and has a big screen — that allows me to leave my home feeling confident and independent — is something worth investing into.

But I just cannot justify compromising this independence for the new features introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus. To be convenient and helpful, this phone should add to my life, not demand a compromise. I should not have to charge it in a way that interrupts my life. I should be able to walk around with it, take the bus, be hands-free in a car or at a desk, and not have to resort to speaker mode which can bother others and single me out in a detrimental way. All of these things I can do currently with the iPhone 6s Plus. I can have my Earbuds in; I can travel; I can be social; I can listen to music; and most importantly, I can feel like I am part of the world with everybody else.

The convenience of the iPhone 7 Plus now requires me to invest additional money to gain the real convenience that previous models already have. Either I have to buy Airpods, which I will run into situations where I have to charge both at the same time, or I have to invest in the Lightning Stand, and compromise immediately by having to invest in the old Earbuds (so what point is there for me to buy the new phone?). I have not seen a battery-pack case announced for the iPhone 7 Plus either.

Mr. Schiller published that the solution would be to buy the Lightning Dock and then use the old jack Earbuds. This really surprised me. It’s not the Apple way of ‘it just works’. I am asked to spend more money on Apple products to fix the compromise, increase the inconvenience, and use old technology you just stepped away from… That really came across to me as, ‘Here is a new product, the new way we do things, but.. we will inconvenience you by being more convenient. Oh, and to make it work, use the old way of doing things’. My life is a lot better when I can write notes on my big screen, improve my workflow easily, see where I'm going via GPS, listen to my travel-buddy in my ears, and over-all having no worries that I'll be stranded somewhere with a dead battery. How unsafe would it be for me to have speaker mode on in a dangerous part of town, and have my phone yelling to strangers that I'm not familiar with my surroundings?

It’s quite confusing to me, and many others. Please take it under serious consideration to find the magic again. The magic that made me excited to wait in line at the Apple store and talk with others about what we would be doing when we finally bought our new Apple iPhone, iPad, or iMac.

While English isn’t my first language and I probably haven’t been able to properly explain my point of view, I do hope I got the point across in a friendly and respectable way. Thank you for listening to your customers. I truly appreciate your time.

With warm regards,

Floris Fiedeldij Dop
Loyal customer waiting to
buy the next iMac via