Time to play MineCraft

Hi everybody, your friend and enemy Floris here. Just letting you know that the 1MoreBlock.com server is online right now, and it is on 1.11 ~ and you’re free to join 🙂

To mine: /mine
To spawn: /spawn
To build and play in the wild: /general (survival)
And the old kwn.me players can play in /legacy (all your builds are there) (creative)

Trying out the server at *any* time and it’s not online? Just poke me! Don’t be shy, it’s super easy for me to start it up again. And yeah, it really really is not going anywhere.

New season, new invite, and eh, it’s a public server, so tell your friends, invite them, play with them, have fun!

How do I get there?
Point your 1.11 version of MineCraft client to IP 1moreblock.com and click Connect

More information, help, and information on https://www.1moreblock.com/