Wasting time gaming releases my stress

Quick reminder, stressed is just dessert spelled backwards.

Does wasting time playing games, on-line or off-line for that matter, releases stress? It sure does for me. What about you?

Life is rough, and sometimes you’re simply alone. Jumping on a site to find fun or popular content can result in frustration. Not everybody is the nicests, or it just builds up frustration. Escaping from it all and connecting with people by playing games on the iPad or your computer system can really help. It helps me. I love doing it. Time flies, everybody says hi to you and you achieve something completing levels or a build (like in Minecraft).

Sure, games have their downside as well. But it’s a great alternative at 3 am when you can’t sleep. Playing some #zen games like Monument Valley or The Trails, alone, can help you clear your thoughts (and sure is a lot saver than walking outside at night in some crisp fresh air).

Anyway, that’s just how I experience it.