Welp, 2016 was a certain year

Getting kicked in the butt at the end of this year with some unfortunate events and weird circumstances, with the flu on top of that, I do sit here quite happy. Looking back to what I wanted to achieve, how to progress daily, how to get control over my life. I can say to myself that compared to 2015, that 2016 has been a certain type of year, and yes, in a good way. It took some sweat and tears, it took a few more tears and some stress. But, my approach to things, my attempts to see the positive in it all, and being able to make a start with a lot of things and follow through with everything the best I could. It all resulted with 2016 being a better – a much better – year than 2014 and 2015. And fuck, did I need that.

Yeah, I sit here feeling negative as well. But the flu will pass, and my father is back from the hospital, and 2017 is around the corner. And sure, no new iMac yet (but more about that in another blog), but I can only assume something will be released at some point. I remember how I felt last year – despite of some positive things – and how I felt this year – regardless of the negative things – and I am happy that in a way it was all worth it. 2016 that is, 2015 can go fuck itself.

When everybody is celebrating the night of the 31st, I will close the door on some unfortunate events, weird circumstances, and a bunch of negativity. My brain, my soul, my heart, they have to be open to new things, new people, and more happiness.

“Floris, this blog post is not making a lot of sense to me”. Yeah, sorry about that. It does to me. Feel free to contact me for a coffee, we can chat.

So, while you all celebrate Christmas with your friends and family, I sit here plotting to take over the world. That’s a good thing right?

Happy Holidays to everybody, and a healthy and stress-free 2017. I am glad 2016 was easier for me, fingers crossed from hereon forward.