A lazy Day one.

There it is, woke up in the afternoon. Chilling in bed watching Youtube stuff, while going through my schedule, todo list, emails, and messages. Cat on my belly, which by the way is a perfect iPad stand, and some hot tea on the stand next to the bed. Then suddenly I realised what would be more awesome to a lazy first day of the year: watching movies in bed, on the big screen. Well, it’s bigger than the iPad.

Twenty minutes later I had my sandwich ready, the iMac installed, and cleared my email inbox. A bunch of movies are in the queue, let’s do this. And because it’s a lazy first day of the year, especially knowing how much I have ahead of me the coming months, the movie blog post will come soon. Stay tuned!

For now, I’ve had a bit of activity, a 15 minutes walk, a few healthy drinks, and a sandwich. I put a couple of coins in my daily savings box, and played with kitty for a while, and that’s the extend of my daily activity, well, besides a shower later before crawling back into bed for another movie.

Thumbsup, a good start of the day, and the year. And I haven’t really done much besides chill and enjoy life.

Oh, you want to know what’s on my schedule? Check back tomorrow, it’s about fun, security, offline stuff, road trips, privacy, new hardware, new toys, and new hobbies.