Thanks in advance

This is just a short blog, because my thoughts have been expressed by Boomerang a lot better. But this is why I moved away from Kind regards, or Best, or Thanks, .. when I sign off an email or a more formal correspondence. Boomerang has conducted a study and noticed that Thanks in advance gets a higher response rate of over 65%, and that’s exactly what email should be about. I believe I have posted about this last year. I try to not email that much anymore, but when I do, the purpose of my email is to get a response.

tl;dr Start using ‘thanks in advance’ to sign off on your emails.

Here’s the source;

Additionally, I use auto replacements (like TextExpander) to ssig sign my mails. It auto expands to the sign-off, my name, and a social signature at the bottom. Maybe I will do a screencast later this year demonstrating this. Stay tuned.