Thinking about the Internet of Things

I love sci fi, I love gadgets, I love tech, I love things that are shiny. I freaking love Apple stuff. And I want it all, now, and that includes hoverboards, flying things, mini micro nano robots and amazing tech that helps me every day.

The iPhone was a good first step about ten years ago. I think since it’s a decade later, I am ready to invest in something else.

Automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, blah blah, it’s all in the making, and so super shitty right now. I need a license still to buy a car and legally drive it. So those things are off the table for me. I can’t see 3D stuff, and with my bad eyes, most assisted reality (they should really just call it that, HEY APPLE, you paying attention? Give me a free maxed out iMac and you can use that term).. anyway, with my bad eyes and no 3D I can not really use those assisted reality things, so that’s sorta off the table.

What’s left are the sci fi feelings and techy gadgets that are here today, and have undergone a few iterations and generations. But I hate them, if I am honest.. the privacy and security issues that come with it require me to just not buy it, and then again their price is just a luxury elitist value. And what you get for it is a replacement for getting up and dialing a knob yourself.

But okay, I love this stuff, I don’t care. I don’t care that it makes me look spoiled and rich, which I am not. Fuck – trust me, my life really isn’t that great; you probably have it better off. BUT ANYWAY, that’s not the point. I feel more ‘nice’ and happy having my sci fi gadgets. It’s why I save up money and get an iPad, an iPhone, and a new computer (like, what, .. every ten years. sigh).

So it’s time for something new, something shiny, something that has a new car smell and I want to brag about and that helps me be more lazy and cozy at the same time, and makes me feel that all this shit I deal with every day is worth it a little bit. Because I say ‘Siri, goodnight’ and it turns off my lights, and changes the heater, and that sorta nonsense.

I feel like I am in this old apartment that’s not worth anything, it’s like a prison that I can’t escape (but I am working on it, I can be patient). So what I would like to do is actually learn about the internet of things, figure out how to say fuck you to the privacy and security stuff that’s the elephant in the room (I have a solution I will share in another blog post) and just shrug. I got 400$ left? I saved it up? Do I need a new iPad? No? Okay, let’s get a Sonor speaker, or a Google Nest thingy, or some Philips Hue lights.

Right? Okay, not too hasty. They are privileged and luxury items. I do not need them. But would it really be so bad to get something you don’t need. WOULD YOU REALLY BE A DICK FOR JUDGING ME FOR HAVING NICE THINGS? Maybe you’re not the person that’s compatible with my life then.

Yeah, I am a bit irritated about the mental struggle of not being comfortable money wise, and deciding what to spend it on. I am 40 now, I feel like I am halfway there, I see everybody around me having health issues and their focus changes on what makes them happy in life. Why wait until I can’t get any of this awesome shit that made me so happy to dream about during my childhood. Why not now?

I am going to break the news to you if you haven’t noticed it yet: I want the sci fi shiny things, but I will put some thought into it. So I get “the apple of shiny things” and not the lame loser fake kickstarter nonsense that seems like a dream but it really is “the microsoft of products” and just doesn’t do what you want it to do. And I know, that means it’s probably a bit more expensive. Therefor I have to save money for it, and think twice, and all that.

I’ve mentioned this before on my blog. Every year I review what is old and how to move forward. HDD slow and old? Screw it, from now on any new system is SSD onwards. USB 2 no longer usable in todays world? Fine, don’t even consider it. Move to usb-c and enjoy these thunderbolt3 speeds. I am all in. Is this retina screen really that much better? Are we in a 4k and 5k world? Great, don’t buy a 200 dollar curved widescreen fake 2k monitor for gaming. Get the quality monitor that is great for everything else.

And this year it’s about thinking and prepping for the future. Before I am 60 or 80 and stuck somewhere unable to even use my phone as a controller or unable to speak and tell my assistant to turn off the heater. Let’s learn what wireless and network connected lights, heaters, fridges, microwaves, security camera, and whatever else is out there, there is. So I can say : I do want this, I do not want that. And then moving forward only consider good quality stuff instead of a normal lightbulb, .. “etc”.