A friendly place to be: omgboards.com

Back in the day when I started a forum on creations.nl, I got sucked into being part of communities, and building them.

I have helped out with sites so they could get started, customize it to their need and give advice on how to manage them. It was fun, up until real life and online stress kinda took the fun out of it. Time for a break. We survived for ten years, and it was time to call it quits. But, let’s call it hibernation, and the long winter is over. We’re back.

Our sites are merged into one, restored from database backups, and upgraded to the latest LAMP setup and latest software packages. And we (re)started the community under one domain name: omgboards.com

Some of you reading this might think: hey, didn’t I used to post on one of your sites back in the day? You’re welcome to find the answer, see if you have an account, restore it, and come say hi. I’d love to share a smile and a post with you again.

If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about: Before social networks and facebook, twitter, etc, we had online bulletin boards, forums, communities, and we had a great group of friends and you can be part of that if you want. Just sign up and come say hi.

creations.nl went through a history of domain changes, vbfans, wetalk, all the way to now https://omgboards.com/

Anyway, a bit more on the history of my creations.nl community, check this post. And to read more about us being back, check this one.